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Let’s face it – we all eat food! From Beverley to Bransholme, Orchard Park to Pickering Park – food is something we just can’t live without. That is why it is so important to build food into our future plans for the city.

If we want our food to nurture us, then we have to nurture our food system. So we are inviting you to think big about what you want for the future of food in our city:  How can we make the diverse food culture of Hull thrive?  How can we make the way we grow, buy, cook & eat more sustainable and accessible to all?

Whether you’re a local company, organisation or an individual, we want to hear from you so that your views can be fed into our plans for the future.

As part of this work, Hull Food Partnership is developing a Food Strategy for Hull.

A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

To do this we are gathering information from people who live, work, play, study or volunteer in Hull.

We’d love you to get involved, and to let us know what is important to you, email with your big ideas for food in Hull!

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