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Influence Food Policy

It is not ok for anyone in our city to be struggling to access healthy and nutritious food. We’re working to create a collaborative, Hull-wide approach to create policy that tackles food inequality and insecurity.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put food and the way we access it in the spotlight. Specifically, increasing unemployment in the fall out of Covid-19 – food bank use has gone up by 110%.

Enough is enough. We need a collaborative, city-wide approach to tackling the issues of food inequality and insecurity in our city. It is not ok that anyone in our city should be struggling to access healthy & nutritious food for themselves and their family

What is Hull Food Partnership doing within the Nurture Hull campaign to influence food policy?

Hull Food Inequality Alliance

Since January 2021, Hull Food Partnership has reinstated Hull’s Food Inequality Alliance. The aim of the alliance is to collectively build a food poverty action plan for Hull, through consultation with stakeholders across the city.

The stakeholders currently involved include local food banks and charities, representatives from the public health arm of the council, FareShare, Cranswick food and Hull University. For more information, visit Food Inequality Alliance.

Hull Food Strategy

Throughout 2022, Hull Food Partnership will be leading on the development of a Food Strategy for the city. This work is supported by Hull’s Committees in Common and will be overseen by the Hull Health and Wellbeing Board. The strategy intends to make food; its accessibility, affordability and sustainability- a priority in the city.

Food impacts on all our lives, from food businesses and jobs,to good nutrition and health for both people and the planet. In order to make sure that we develop the right food strategy for Hull, we must ensure that we have the right vision, priorities, and actions for delivery. Therefore, we are keen to involve as many local people as possible in this piece of work. For more information on the development of Hull’s Food Strategy, contact us.

Nurture Hull - What do you put in your mouth action pack

Hull Food Partnership worked in collaboration with The Warren Youth Club (a local youth support service) to engage their network of young people in the production of activity packs which will facilitate conversations around food inequality and the right to food in our city. The activity packs have been developed in consultation with young people through zoom workshops. They worked closely with a local artist to create interesting and engaging exercises which would prompt conversation around local experiences of food insecurity and what change young people would like to see in the city.

Once the activity packs were developed, we then hosted several in person workshops at The Warren which used the activity pack as a “toolkit” to get young people thinking about what change they want to see in Hull. Specifically, through activities such as “Get your megaphone out” and “food utopia” we were able to discuss issues such as fair wages in the food industry, banning junk adverts and making free school meals a universal policy. The feedback from these sessions will be used directly to influence the development of our Hull food poverty action plan and food strategy for the city.

This activity pack is downloadable as a free resource.

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