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Young People Talk Food To Us!

We’re looking for young people to talk food to us!

Hull Food Partnership hosts the Hull Food Alliance, a cross-sector group looking at new ways to address food inequality and poverty in the city. 

The Food Alliance has received funding from Food Power to develop a 3-month project with young people to understand what pressures they face when trying to access good quality food locally. 

Working with The Warren and local artist Lydia Caprani, we are looking for young people living in Hull aged 14-24 to get involved in free creative online workshops to develop an interactive activity pack and talk about the food they love and how it makes them feel.  

The results of the workshops will also be featured in a new Food Action Plan for Hull and be hosted on a new online platform that will inspire participation in Hull’s good food movement. 

To find out more and get involved, contact Cara Bilson via 

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