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Flavours Cafe

Upon visiting a selection of Hull’s local independent cafe’s which serve home made soup, we also asked them a few questions about their lovely businesses, how they ended up running their own cafe’s, and what kind of produce they tend to opt for in their menus.

Flavours Cafe

Q: What inspired you to open your own café? 

A:  I used to cook in a care home for eighteen years and I was due to retire, but my husband showed me this place and suggested I needed a hobby. It’s been running for eleven years and I love it.   

Q: Wow, did you have a specific audience in mind when you opened Flavours? 

A: No, anybody can come here, but I have my locals that come because it’s a friendly environment. 

Q: Do you get your ingredients locally? 

A: Yes, sometimes I get them from my own garden!  

Q: What about your meat and eggs, are they locally sourced and free range? 

A: I get my eggs from my own chickens, but if they aren’t producing as many I source them locally. I get my meat from a wholesalers that is nearby me in Hedon. 

Q: How about your menu, does it tend to follow a seasonal pattern? 

A: Oh yes, people don’t want to be having soup in summer, so we always introduce our homemade soup later in the year. Our soups sell really well – I make a big batch in the morning and I’m left with none at the end of the day. 

Q: What other kind of things do you tend to serve in the winter? 

A: In the autumn winter time we tend to serve more lasagnes and jacket potatoes, although we do keep our jacket potatoes on the menu as they are quite popular all year round. 

Q: Do you think food waste is an issue you face here, or does everything tend to get used anyway? 

A: Any food waste I have is fed to my chickens. 

Q: Oh wow, can they eat anything? 

A: Yes, except potato skins which you have to boil first! 

Q: You learn something new everyday! Do you have an interest in sustainability, such as recycling? 

A: Yes definitely, we’ve got to. 

John: And you recycle all your waste to your chickens! 


Visit Flavours cafe at 165 High St, Hull HU1 1NE.

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