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Cactus Cafe

Upon visiting a selection of Hull’s local independent cafe’s which serve home made soup, we also asked them a few questions about their lovely businesses, how they ended up running their own cafe’s, and what kind of produce they tend to opt for in their menus.

Cactus Café  


Q: Why did you want to open your own café? 

A: I used to be a private chef and I’ve run my own sandwich shop in the past, and a cake stall in Humber street. I was actually offered this café. 


Q: What are some products that your customers seem to keep coming back for? 

A: Vegan cakes are the favourites. We have different loaf fruit cakes such as mixed berry and orange, apple and mango, and blueberry and melon. To substitute the eggs, I use oil and the juice of a fruit in the cake, such as orange juice. 


Q: Do you use seasonal produce? 

A: Yes, I buy my produce from anywhere but usually visit the local greengrocers. People sometimes bring things in for me too – one of our employees has an allotment. 


Q: Which allotment is this? 

A: Newland Avenue allotment. 


Q: Do you use free range eggs and red tractor meat? 

A: I buy all my meat from the local butchers and use free range eggs. I also offer plant-based breakfasts. 


Q: Do you have an interest in sustainability, such as with regards to tackling food waste? 

A: We always make our food in small amounts so we have no issue with food waste.  


Q: Would you be interested in talking tables? (An initiative to get people in the community talking and reduce loneliness) 

A: I find that often people don’t talk to each other anymore, so I would. 


Visit Cactus Cafe at 95 Princes Ave, Hull HU5 3QP.

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